At GSI, our team of industry-leading experts treats every power generation system as one system, not as individual componentry. We engineer and design that one system from the generator to the switchgear, to the ATS, to all emission requirements, and for the system application at hand. Control logic is used throughout to optimize the entire system.


GSI's operating philosophy revolves around remaining the one source for your power system, start to finish. From design and engineering to equipment supply and installation, from project management and system integration to operational compliance and performance evaluation, GSI has the people in place to meet and exceed all expectations.


GSI proudly takes full responsibility for your entire power generation system. We have very selectively assembled the industry's most talented, most experienced team, and our diverse skill sets ensure the ideal approach to each of our projects. No one power system is the same. What is the same is GSI's commitment to performance, value, and accountability.